Channel Apocalypse


I’ve finally had it with my older videos, imagine that. Starting this year, absolute most of previously uploaded content becomes unlisted, so it doesn’t shed negative light on the channel when new visitors view it (and when I include it in my portfolio when applying for internships – that’d really spook the hell out of people).

Good news is, most of the things people will want to find and possibly watch again (i.e. ROBLOX ffs) is still reasonably accessible through the Roblox Videos part of this website. Just click whatever interests you and you’ll get to the unlisted content. Other things however might be a bit more problematic. I want to try do the same for at least the not-entirely-awful non-Roblox videos. No promises though.

For now, feel free to drown in the nostalgia. And happy new year. That too. Try to make it a good one for yourself, for once.