Site open, sort of

Oh hey. Several months ago, I bought this domain and didn’t really do anything with it, until now. In short: I’ll just use this to complain lenghtily about things in the blog posts and the rest of the website will have my previous content, including the hidden and cancelled parts of it, alongside some additional information, so I can simply redirect people here when they ask “where did this go” or “why is that cancelled” instead of having to reply to all of them individually and in-detail.

For now, there’s only the “Roblox videos” section, which is the most desired one – so far, it has all the formal “series” made – machinimas/shorts will be added in the next few days. Ideally, at some point I’d like to have here all the past series, including Vodvill, plus misc. information about things like blockage and notable past scrapped projects. But we’ll see. I don’t exactly have a great record of keeping blogs alive, so it might as well end here.

Wish me luck I guess.


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