Team Fortess 2 Wednesdayren LP but it’s actually a rant about Valve’s apathy

I don’t know! Figured now that this website is a thing I might as well post updates including uploads here, even though I doubt there would be a subset of viewers which only read this newly-made horrible blog while also not getting the newest hot DayrenX™ news directly through YouTube or Twitter. But what do you know, maybe sometime in the future.

Here’s a Team Fortress 2 episode – quite atypical in the sense that it’s not at all a short LP-like video where I go and explore the contents of a previously unplayed F2P game. This one is a really unstructured rant about how oblivious Valve is when it comes to communicating with anyone, really. Not very good: finding out that speaking about this without preparation or some written notes is harder than I’d think, but given the circumstances I think it turned out okay. Even if not, it’s practice, right?


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