Broken heart, education, connecting

You know how you don’t realise how much you liked something until it’s gone simply because you couldn’t tell the drastic constrast between those two states before experiencing them both? Well, even if not, lucky you, that’s the whole gimmick of my newest great video, co-piloted by the trusty Cpt. Morgan: the continuation of my YouTube Creator Academy “let’s play” (because I guess you play YT videos, huh).

Creator Academy 2

I originally wanted to do some generic LP content but then I thought: do I really want to go down that road? Well, actually, yeah, but I am not nearly good enough at that yet, so I’ll have to grind a few Wednesdayren episodes before considering that again. No. It was time to flex my true talents: talk over really questionable YouTube “educational” videos. And I think it went pretty okay – given the circumstances. So here. Connect with me, you good person you.



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