Knee-deep in the dead

There has been literally nothing done with the site or my channel for the past three days or so. I’ve been a bit occupied – doing a side quest for my aunt, which incidentally also completes one of my main quests this semester at school (gotta optimise the grind). I sat in the national archive, sifting through hundreds of hundreds of years old pages, half of them written in Latin, trying to find a few scribbled lines of text. In short: fun.

It’s even better if you don’t know the exact date, as these things have no ctrl + f and are great to read

I didn’t even manage to complete my great Wednesday-based LP video in time and will have to pull a Thursdayren for the first time ever – still calling it Wednesdayren though, because branding.

Other than that: (for some time now) I am also trying to edit a podcasty video for Vodvill – should be up sometime this weekend. I am told it’s a bit of a testing episode so who knows how it’ll end up, especially given the abundance of podcasts and low amount of Vodvill viewers, but honestly, I think it’s pretty alright. And if nothing else, it’s atleast fun. Have a little teaser here:


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