Pecan is love

So, the latest Wednesdayren is out, this time with another great theming/holiday selection. The usual. Besides that, it however is the 9th episode of the current Newgrounds series, which could potentially switch for the next 10 episodes, were you willing.

It’s a crude idea of how the series function, to not have the topics rot and become stale – the base material changing after 10 weeks. Coincidentally, it’s the people, you, voting and deciding what gets played. Really. Unbelievable perhaps, but it’s true. Here is the poll even!

This one even has custom answers! Keep in mind that it has to be game-related for me to consider, so if somehow “hot homemade prono videos” gets the most votes, I reserve the right to reject the notion.

But yes: do feel free to vote. And possibly watch the newest episode:


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