Top 59?

Weird number for a “top -number here something something-” video. That’s because I am unconventional and cool. If you’re not convinced, get this: it’s also a prime number.

If your mind is not yet sufficiently blown yet, know that this very video has all the shit great Newgrounds games that appeared in the Flash Wednesdayren series, sorted by rating into a comprehensive list. Wow!

That’s not all though! Listen here: there were only 58 games that appeared in the Flash Wednesdayren episodes. What is this madness?! Did I lie in the video’s title, am I that scummy of a fucker? No my friend, the video has a really spooky twist to it! Without any further spoilers, go on, watch the linked video to find out! Unless you already did and are reading this after the fact. In which case, damn.

And as a usual reminder, the theme of the next 10 episodes can be voted for here. I have originally estimated the date wrong, so the dealine has been extended to the 6th of August.


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