Channel spooks

Aside from the announced auditory spooks described in the latest video, there are going to be more spooks happening. After thinking about it for roughly ten minutes, I came to conclude that the “Dayren+” channel became redundant – since Vodvill is a thing, most of the videos that would end up on D+ previously go to Vodvill instead. I found out that I have to try really hard to record something that does not qualify for either Vodvill or the main channel. Currently, I do not make videos at such a pace that three channels are reasonable.

So I am deleting Vodvill So I am going to make the Dayren+ channel invisible, in case it becomes needed in the future again, for whatever reason. Additionally, I will be picking the somewhat amusing uploads from it, compiling them into bigger thematic units and reuploading them on the main channel. This will not only make sure the best bits are still publicly available but will also give some traction and “””new””” content to the main channel, which recently hasn’t done much “standalone” videos past the regular series.

Believe me, this is in the viewer’s best interest. I’ve learned this much from Bethesda’s two hundred re-releases of Skyrim in various editions.


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