About what, exactly? There is not much to tell about myself – partially because it’s unremarkable, partially because I’ve seen what kind of shenanigans can people pull off with your personal information online.

I am a caucasian male from a small European country, currently study media at a university. I have hobbies, likes, preferences, character traits and more, as anyone, really. It’s not important – the reason why this website exists is tied to something else.

About ten years ago, I started a really questionable YouTube channel. I was a very young kid, not even able to speak English, uploading crappy stickfigure animations. Since then, a lot of things changed for me – but somehow, through all of that, I am still uploading questionable videos to YouTube.

It’s been a good run. In a way. Not entirely sure for how much longer I’ll keep it up. When I do eventually stop, due to my own disinterest or being hit by a truck, this site should be here to provide fast access to most of my content, even the unlisted and scrapped bits, along with some of my thoughts on the matter, if someone’s looking for that.

Until then, I’ll be working to catalogue everything and writing blog posts when something of note happens. I guess. It’s a blog after all.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, it’s probably easiest to Tweet to me @Dayren_X, but if you had need of a longer structured text without character limits, feel free to send an email to bettermailpending@gmail.com