Newgrounds gets worse, somehow

If you asked me a week ago what are some really questionable PR practices, chacnes are “promoting a gamedev program by making a game creation contest with a tight time limit aimed at people with no programming experience” would be pretty high on the list. But mistaken once again, the masterminds behind Construct 3 proved me wrong.

In the newest Wednesdayren episode, I exlore the great world of hastily made Construct 3 games, half of which are apparently based on pre-existing templates only with minor edits and some (BEAUTIFUL) custom sprites added. Looked at Construct 3 after recording – have to say it’s atleast not as bad as Construct 2 and there seem to be some nice new features. In light of that, this C3 game jam endeavour perhaps seems even more tragic.

One of my less inspired works

I don’t know. It feels like the previous Wednesdayren videos were more or less a bit consistent – with Newgrounds I feel like I am just going around, clicking random crap and then pointing out that it’s random crap. Even better in this episode, where half of the time I read poorly written stories in “visual novels”. I guess I am yet to find the ideal position for doing these – and, if not, just suffer through the next eight episodes hoping it’ll pass over quickly.

Also tried doing something cool for the Vodvill channel but unfortunately I found out that the things I needed to rotobrush were absolute garbage in regards to their rotobrushability, so I uploaded just a bit of the remaining scrap. Regardless, Wednesdayren:

Vodcast, eventually

Managed to finally, after a month of it being recorded, finish and upload the first episode of Vodcast, the really questionable “podcast” kind of thing I did with Lucas and Gut for Vodvill. It looks like the audio wave circle sort of thing in the top left corner is somewhat off by a few dozen milliseconds and I don’t know why. I’ll have to toy with it a little bit for the next one but I really did not want to go back and fix it after 6 hours of rendering.

We didn’t really plan anything for the first session we did so it is a little bit weird and the topics rather unappealing. But hey, if we set the bar really high the first time, that would only mean we would have to try really hard the second time, which I suspect none of the three of us really wants. So here: Vodcast.

What music, PR and good taste have come to

Well, then there’s that. I generally don’t feel like doing them online legos anymore, but perhaps having to write a formally corrent ten thousand word work on a topic I feel really skeptical about influenced my decision making. Just felt like calling the masterminds of Public Relations over at Roblox Corp out on this one a bit, as no one else apparently will.

That aside, yeah. I think I am done with the bigger portion of my -hitting the keyboard- part of semester, now it’ll be the more fun writings. And a lot of studying for exams, but hey, shouldn’t be as time consuming, so some of the planned videos should come out finally. For now, here: PR and raps.

Report jakiro pls

This has been positively an abysmal idea. As the Wednesdayren series reached the 10th episode, I wanted to do something that could be really fun. It wasn’t.

I really don’t know how I associated “fun” and “Dota2” but there it is. Long term alcohol consumption effects seem to finally manifest. Sadly, given that these videos need to be made in one day, I really didn’t have time for an alternative, so let’s just try to forget this exists as fast as possible. Speaking of: here’s the poll to determine the next 10 episodes again.

May be busy

This post’s title is pretty good, considering what month it is (if I don’t compliment myself for that, nobody will). Anyhow: changes. Few to the sites, even. Added the “Current series” with some of the ongoing content types I am doing more or less regularly.

Other than that: I am really busy in May. As in. Really busy. Turns out all the assignments, seminary works and exams aren’t going to write themselves. Despite that, there are going to be quite a few new things and changes this month. I will make a video on most of this at some point, but for now, here it is in text form for the literate people:

• The “Wednesdayren” videos are going to reach a tenth episode this Wednesday, which means we might switch it up a bit. Now, naturally, I think it’s really dumb to have the audience decide or vote on important matters – fortunately, this is not an important matter. I have made a Twitter poll in which you can vote until the next Wednesday for what should the next 10 episodes of the series be based on.

• The Roblox game-making-group videos of all sort are going to be published entirely on the separate blockage channel. Mostly updates – I’ll have yet to decide if I’ll try something “more fun” beyond that.

• Going to publish something called “Vodcast” on the collab channel. Basically, me and two other weird internet people talking casually about silly things.

• Also going to publish something else on Vodvill – a yet unnamed let’s play video (series?) with Gut of a really old horribly looking game (Space Station 13). Further episodes will be made depending on how people like it and how we feel about making more – which might be spooky, considering how popular SS13 is (not very). If you can’t quite picture it, here’s a picture:


It looks pretty bad, it controls even worse. But hey. It’s incredibly deep and quite fun -if- you can get into it.

So yeah – that’s how things look content-wise right now. Hopefully, atleast some of it will be somewhat entertaining to you.


In space, nobody can hear Thunder

And here is another obligatory Wednesdayren upload post: Star Conflict, by the illustrious Gaijin sect, creators of War Thunder. Or atleast an attempt at it. It seems like the game’s either in a pretty rough shape or I picked an extraordinarily bad time to record it. Either way, perhaps that’s more fortunate than not – I am unsure what I’d exactly comment on in yet another online spaceship multiplayer pew pew title. Who knows. It could have been brilliant. But probably not.