Vault 912

This is my latest, hopefully not but potentially also the last attempt to make something more interesting than the standard YouTube scarecam let’s play nonsense. This, instead, is an overly edited gameplay footage with post scripted commentary nonsense.

The video more or less explains what it is so I won’t re-write that here. I considered this series for a long time, ever since I installed Fallout Shelter on my phone about a year ago and tried doing the 945 Aryan Vault. As a joke and for the additional challenge, naturally. Not as some spooky political statement. Since then, I had a few unsuccessful attempts at making myself edit this monstrosity but never quite finished it.

The latest try was from the beginning of this month, after I found out the game got a proper desktop release. Today, I finally managed to put the recorded footage togather, taking way longer than I thought it would have any right to. Not that’d mean the video is really, really good – just takes time to make. Because of that, I am releasing the first episode as a sort of “pilot”, to see how will people react to it and if there is an audience for this kind of thing. So, Vault 912:

Ultra realistic flash games

I have to say: personally, worst episode yet contender. Learning for exams, extra work and trying to boost Gut in Overwatch while coming down with an illness of some description does not contribute; simply put, I am quite tired and I think it shows, the commentary being worse than usual. Unlike previously, however, (aside from the fact I have no time on Thursday), I am not liking the idea of publishing those on different days anymore. The whole point of consistency is not to do that, or so I am told, and that honestly is one of the few purposes of this series.

So, have a rather underwhelming episode. I promise I’ll come back next week, sweeping in with the cool memes and yokes the hip kids use nowadays. Also special effects. Sparkles, confetti. Good things.

E3 EA 17

Just a simple Vodvill upload of me, Lucas and eventually Gut watching this year’s E3 EA conference while making rather questionable comments about it. I really am not sure where is the value in watching people attempts at jokes over a chaotically cut footage of something you probably watched already, but then again, the Let’s Play format is a thing so I suppose it’ll be okay. People seemed to like this when we did it last year with Ubisoft despite the horrible video quality, so whatevs.

TGN Spooks

Here’s a scary thing: YouTube partnership. The appended video goes over the basics, aka “don’t panic, nothing really changes”. Although it does: honestly, giving away an undisclosed percent of my revenue to BBTV gets me access to some really nice analytics/metadata tools, an otherwise rather pricey music library I can use at will and several less useful things like possible merchandise.

I really doubt I’ll get some direct exposure or channel support out of this from the TGN people but the tools alone are in my eyes well worth the pennies that go into this from my end. Well, we’ll see how it works out. Hopefully well.

Scary Shit

Ever heard someone say the phrase “scary shit”? Well guess what: we gave the collocation a bit more literal meaning. Don’t worry, “a bit more”, not entire literal meaning. No actual feces is featured in the video.

In a way similar to my older Roblox creepypasta reading series, I grabbed Lucas and we tried doing a couple of reads for Vodvill. The resulting videos should hopefully be sufficiently scary. And somewhat shitty. So enjoy your frights and scares, because for some reason, people are really into that nowadays: