(2015-2016) BloxBlabber

BloxBlabber” started on the 4th of June 2015 as a “podcast-esque” long-form discussion series with various guests. It was originally intended to be produced on a monthly basis but unfortunately stopped after the second episode in July of 2015 due to personal matters.

When “personal matters” have settled down, I decided to try and give it another shot: in December a revised episode was released: taking some inspiration from the old “Noob Gear” show, it included a short obstacle course segment to liven things a little, as well as some smaller regular bits.

In this revised form, a second episode was released but the concept never really took off and viewer interest was very limited. A third revised episode featuring Gusmanak and Crazyblox was recorded but never released, due to the small audience and long production time.


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