(2009-2010) Daily Roblox

Daily Roblox” started on the 7th of June 2009 and was a “blooper” series of very questionable short “skits”, inspired mainly by Y05H1M4N’s own similar series, as videos of this format were the most common article among Roblox YouTubers at the time.

With the exception of the last episode, the videos were very short, one or two minutes at most, consisting of very brief “humourous” scenes, most of which I now, years later, view as very crude, impacted by my young age and general unrefined tastes.

The series, given the catastrophic state of 2009 Roblox YouTube video making, received a great amount of acclaim, being my first successful series which granted me a large amount of exposure within the Roblox community. Even though a sixth episode was briefly considered no work was ever done on it and the series ended with the fifth episode as originally intended.


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