(2016) Dayren Makes a Game Studio

Dayren Makes a Game Studio” started on the 3rd of January 2016, inspired by the older “Dayren make a game“. It was set to make a somewhat more grounded and simpler game, compared to the older series, yet still trying to innovate a little bit. The ultimate goal was to set a foundation for a Roblox game development group.

The episodes were divided into “weeks” – initially suppossed to mirror the calendar, providing weekly updates. Unfortunately, as I soon found out, there were some weeks where no progress was made or when I was unavailable and making an episode would often take more time than was spent working on the game.

Eventually however, both the group and the game were successfully created. The series received 9 regular episodes with additional informative videos about the group’s doings planned whenever something of note would happen. Two of these were made – one when the game’s name was copied and used by another group, a second one was uploaded but never published due to a factual error in the episode’s premise.


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