(2013-2014) Dayren makes a game

Dayren makes a game” started on the 7th of December 2013 with a simple premise: to see what kind of a game can one completely inexperienced person make on Roblox within 24 hours and if it’s going to be any better than the generic garbage predominant on the site at the time (or perhaps just “predominant on the site”).

The format was pretty good and forced me to progress at a steady and balanced pace: until the time was scrapped in episode 4, when my eyes got too big and the whole game then went out of proportion and scope of what I was able to do.

Six proper episodes were made in total, with a seventh episode being a simple in-game explanation of the playable beta testing version. The game unfortunately had some bugs I was simply not able to fix at the time and the whole place was very demanding performance-wise: attempts to work on it were ceased about two months later without any further video uploads.

Dayren makes a game however received two spin-off series in 2016, “Dayren Makes a Game Studio” and “Dayren Makes an Abomination”.


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