(2014-2016) Master Chef Wizard reviews

Master Chef Wizard reviews” started on the 19th of February 2014, when a short video parodying the conventional video game reviewers was made in order to promote Dawgra’s new game. The whole “Master Chef Wizard” was not initially planned and materialised as a result of me putting on a random outfit during the gameplay, to better combat the spooky in-game horror.

The series then continued in a similar non-serious silly fashion, eventually spawning 8 regular episodes. After a period of inactivity, we decided to try and novelise the series with Jarod, co-producing a special Xbox release episode which also included some machinima bits. Unfortunately, the reception wasn’t too great.

After considering our options, we decided not to continue in this new format nor return to the old Master Chef Wizard series. I simply felt like I am more or less starting to repeat myself, having not much else to offer, the last standard Ultimate Competition episode already being pretty stretched in my view.


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