(2013-2014) Noob Gear

Noob Gear” started on the 26th of July 2013 as a collaborative effort aiming to create a full-fledged Roblox “show”. Cheekily copying the “Top Gear” name, Noob Gear usually lasted anywhere from twenty to fourty minutes, composed of various segments like skits, reviews, features, team events and guest interviews with a timed obstacle course run (once again, blatantly copying Top Gear).

The show was made by a team of ten people (in alphabetical order: “Dawgra”, “Dayren”, “Edga”, “Edyyo”, “Gutiotyu”, “lolpl007”, “ThisIsIce”, “ttcool223”, “Tzsara” and “Zars15”): editing, recording and interviews mostly handled by me, other members doing additional segments on their own initiative. Needless to say, this system didn’t work very well.

Four episodes were produced, fifth one planned but ultimately scrapped due to disinterest of some Noob Gear members and disagreements within the production team, as well as fading viewer interest. Looking back at it, Noob Gear was extremely clunky and haphazard, none of us having a clear idea what should a show look like or how should it be run. That said, it was quite special and I am rather happy we tried making something this crazy.


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