(2012-2013) Roblox Game Commentary

Starting with a video upload titled “Weird Disaster Ship” on the 10th of July 2012, Roblox Game Commentary was an attempt to bring the (at the time) novelty “Let’s Play” format to Roblox, where it was up until then factually non-existant. Unlike standard Let’s Plays however, Roblox Game Commentaries had more editing, to a point all the episodes even included full in-video subtitling.

As such, despite the sub-par audio recording quality, the first two episodes received very positive feedback. A third episode was made in the game “Flood Escape“, this time with a co-commentator, “Gutiotyu”. The advantages of multiple participants became clear very fast and the subsequent episode, “Natural Disaster Survival“, featured a group of 4 people, “Eddyo” and “ttcool223”, in addition to the original duo.

A couple more episodes was made in this composition (except for the Halloween episode, in which ttcool223 was absent, and the solo Deadzone episode). As time went on, however, several other YouTubers started doing Roblox Let’s Plays, due to a high viewer interest – unfortunately, because of the whole subtitling process, producing Roblox Game Commentaries was rather slow and the series eventually got phased out by the more standard Let’s Play formats which could be put out on a daily basis and thus engaged the viewers more.

The last episode was released on the 3rd of March 2013. This video was to be originally scrapped but eventually made it through with a lot of cutting. Recording of further episodes was not attempted.


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