(2015) Roblox Issue

“Roblox Issue” started out on the 6th of February 2015, when I attempted to make a clear and informative video about a “scandal” that happened at the time concerning one of Roblox’s prominent developers and his questionable practices. Being full of ideals and opinions, I wanted to try and do what the distinguished people call investigative journalism, without having any formal knowledge of it.

In hindsight, after having actual journalism classes, I can admit I was still way too opinionated for this kind of thing. That said, I still view including all the used (and unused) sources in full length under the video for the viewer’s personal convenience as a very positive step, given what I was trying to accomplish.

The series ultimately spawned only two more episodes, one about a shady website system which often less or more apparently mimiced Roblox and the last episode about a Roblox “exploit” which essentially provided free exposure for horrible switch and bait games, which was subsequently noticed by Roblox staff and patched.

The series ended shortly after, during the production of a fourth episode. Needless to say, some people were not exactly thrilled about my activities – not the Roblox developer with his reputation under attack, not the mimic website re-seller and definitely not the exploiters who allegedly could generate hundreds of dollars using the patched method. As text attacks and even channel take down threats mounted, I decided to call it a day and do not continue in “investigative journalism” further.


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