Darkest Dungeon, also, afk

Another episode of “Bloodmoonsoon” it’s good etc. More importantly however, I will be leaving today for a spiritual journey into the depths of Europe’s saggy, limp and loosely-hanging bottom appendage, Italy, to ponder the cosmos and void. Simply put, this means that I will not be sober enough able to make videos of any kind, due to the lack of appropriate hardware.

I will return in about ten days to drop a final episode of the Flash Wednesdayren series, then fuck off into the world once again. Well, not a thoroughly productive summer for the channel, but here, have atleast the overly lenghty un-edited let’s play of a super exciting turn based strategy RPG:



A strange name for a series, I admit, but it has it’s reasons (watch the great appended video to find out!!!§ or something). This is an extremely lenghty let’s play of Darkest Dungeon, which happens to be an extremely lenghty game. To assist with that, the run is done on the highest difficulty available, with a couple unforgiving game over states. The game also autosaves after every action so it should be hopefully not take too long until the series concludes.

Mainly threw it togather because A) I wanted to play the new DLC and B) I wanted to have a go at trying to improve my longer, more coherent game commentary abilities. I might come in handy in the future, who knows.