Vault 912

This is my latest, hopefully not but potentially also the last attempt to make something more interesting than the standard YouTube scarecam let’s play nonsense. This, instead, is an overly edited gameplay footage with post scripted commentary nonsense.

The video more or less explains what it is so I won’t re-write that here. I considered this series for a long time, ever since I installed Fallout Shelter on my phone about a year ago and tried doing the 945 Aryan Vault. As a joke and for the additional challenge, naturally. Not as some spooky political statement. Since then, I had a few unsuccessful attempts at making myself edit this monstrosity but never quite finished it.

The latest try was from the beginning of this month, after I found out the game got a proper desktop release. Today, I finally managed to put the recorded footage togather, taking way longer than I thought it would have any right to. Not that’d mean the video is really, really good – just takes time to make. Because of that, I am releasing the first episode as a sort of “pilot”, to see how will people react to it and if there is an audience for this kind of thing. So, Vault 912: