Top 59?

Weird number for a “top -number here something something-” video. That’s because I am unconventional and cool. If you’re not convinced, get this: it’s also a prime number.

If your mind is not yet sufficiently blown yet, know that this very video has all the shit great Newgrounds games that appeared in the Flash Wednesdayren series, sorted by rating into a comprehensive list. Wow!

That’s not all though! Listen here: there were only 58 games that appeared in the Flash Wednesdayren episodes. What is this madness?! Did I lie in the video’s title, am I that scummy of a fucker? No my friend, the video has a really spooky twist to it! Without any further spoilers, go on, watch the linked video to find out! Unless you already did and are reading this after the fact. In which case, damn.

And as a usual reminder, the theme of the next 10 episodes can be voted for here. I have originally estimated the date wrong, so the dealine has been extended to the 6th of August.


Darkest Dungeon, also, afk

Another episode of “Bloodmoonsoon” it’s good etc. More importantly however, I will be leaving today for a spiritual journey into the depths of Europe’s saggy, limp and loosely-hanging bottom appendage, Italy, to ponder the cosmos and void. Simply put, this means that I will not be sober enough able to make videos of any kind, due to the lack of appropriate hardware.

I will return in about ten days to drop a final episode of the Flash Wednesdayren series, then fuck off into the world once again. Well, not a thoroughly productive summer for the channel, but here, have atleast the overly lenghty un-edited let’s play of a super exciting turn based strategy RPG:

Pecan is love

So, the latest Wednesdayren is out, this time with another great theming/holiday selection. The usual. Besides that, it however is the 9th episode of the current Newgrounds series, which could potentially switch for the next 10 episodes, were you willing.

It’s a crude idea of how the series function, to not have the topics rot and become stale – the base material changing after 10 weeks. Coincidentally, it’s the people, you, voting and deciding what gets played. Really. Unbelievable perhaps, but it’s true. Here is the poll even!

This one even has custom answers! Keep in mind that it has to be game-related for me to consider, so if somehow “hot homemade prono videos” gets the most votes, I reserve the right to reject the notion.

But yes: do feel free to vote. And possibly watch the newest episode:


A strange name for a series, I admit, but it has it’s reasons (watch the great appended video to find out!!!§ or something). This is an extremely lenghty let’s play of Darkest Dungeon, which happens to be an extremely lenghty game. To assist with that, the run is done on the highest difficulty available, with a couple unforgiving game over states. The game also autosaves after every action so it should be hopefully not take too long until the series concludes.

Mainly threw it togather because A) I wanted to play the new DLC and B) I wanted to have a go at trying to improve my longer, more coherent game commentary abilities. I might come in handy in the future, who knows.

Vodcast 2

So, with my exams coming to a close, I finally managed to get Vodcast out. This one is not as up to date anymore: we had to record it by the start of the month, a few hours before Gut ventured into the unknown waters of France and illegal work positions abroad.

Spoilers, at the time of writing, about half of this video in not relevant anymore because he in the end didn’t get the job due to work permits and returned back to haunt Vodvill some more. But oh well. I guess it’s still a more interesting discussion topic than Space Station 13.

Vault 912

This is my latest, hopefully not but potentially also the last attempt to make something more interesting than the standard YouTube scarecam let’s play nonsense. This, instead, is an overly edited gameplay footage with post scripted commentary nonsense.

The video more or less explains what it is so I won’t re-write that here. I considered this series for a long time, ever since I installed Fallout Shelter on my phone about a year ago and tried doing the 945 Aryan Vault. As a joke and for the additional challenge, naturally. Not as some spooky political statement. Since then, I had a few unsuccessful attempts at making myself edit this monstrosity but never quite finished it.

The latest try was from the beginning of this month, after I found out the game got a proper desktop release. Today, I finally managed to put the recorded footage togather, taking way longer than I thought it would have any right to. Not that’d mean the video is really, really good – just takes time to make. Because of that, I am releasing the first episode as a sort of “pilot”, to see how will people react to it and if there is an audience for this kind of thing. So, Vault 912:

TGN Spooks

Here’s a scary thing: YouTube partnership. The appended video goes over the basics, aka “don’t panic, nothing really changes”. Although it does: honestly, giving away an undisclosed percent of my revenue to BBTV gets me access to some really nice analytics/metadata tools, an otherwise rather pricey music library I can use at will and several less useful things like possible merchandise.

I really doubt I’ll get some direct exposure or channel support out of this from the TGN people but the tools alone are in my eyes well worth the pennies that go into this from my end. Well, we’ll see how it works out. Hopefully well.