Vodvill is a questionable channel the idea for which was laid down by a crazy person who doesn’t talk to us anymore, which is always a good sign. Collaboratively, the channel has been set-up and we planned to make more consistent varied uploads closer to the content stereotypical YouTube people do nowadays, compared to for instance my own channel. That unfortunately didn’t work out very well.

Vodvill Avengers.png
A really quality photo montage of the Vodvill founding members

Eventually, after a couple of months of literally nothing, perhaps more as a joke than anything, this historical first Vodvill video was made, making clear the general tone and quality standards for the channel:

Since then, not much has changed. The channel is currently mostly used by Lucas to upload pretty quality content and by me to occassionally dump a quick LP or some other stupid shit with other people like Gut or Edga occassionally peeking in. The channel is home to a somewhat small viewerbase, even compared to my channel – despite which we are currently intending to start doing a podcast. We always were smart, so stay tuned.

We do have a Discord server where we usually hang out: and best thing is, random people can join for no reason, so feel free to if into that.